Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is an effective link buildingg strategy that involves writing and publishing high-quality, relevant articles on authoritative websites or blogs within your respective niche or vertical.

This practice not only helps to build credibility and establish your brand as an expert in your field, but it also plays a significant role in improving your website's rankings in the SERPs.

Guest posts help to funnel valuable link equity to your site, which can help to increase your website’s authority, drive organic traffic, and improve search engine rankings.

One way to begin your guest posting journey is to buy guest posts from a reliable guest posting service, like yours truly.

We provide access to a database of high-quality websites and blogs that accept guest contributions. By partnering with a guest posting service, you can save time and effort in identifying suitable websites, pitching your ideas, and creating content that meets the editorial guidelines of these platforms. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals with limited time or resources to dedicate to their content marketing efforts.

However, it's important to choose the right guest posting service to ensure your content is placed on reputable and relevant websites. Look for a service with a proven track record, offering transparent pricing and clear communication throughout the process.

And that's exactly what we offer. 

So what are you waiting for? Get access to our list now.

You simply select a suitable target from our list, send us an email or message us on Discord with your target URLs and keywords and we'll get started.

Once we get the greenlight from you, we'll get started with the outreach. The first step is content curation, then outreach to the webmaster for review and approval and ending with the publication and report.

All we need is your desired guest post sites, your target URL(s) and your target anchors. If you need assistance in identifying suitables sites, anchors or URLs, please contact us on Discord or via mail.

Yes, guest post links are generally safe when done correctly and ethically.

However, it is important to follow certain guidelines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your guest posting strategy. 

1. Relevance: Making sure that the website you are guest posting on is relevant to your niche or used by your competitors. This is a sure-fire way to build a relevant, strong link profile.

2. Quality: We focus on creating high-quality and well-written content for our guest posts. Google values content that is informative, educational, and entertaining.

3. Metrics (Authority): High-quality websites with good domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR) are more likely to pass on link equity to your site.

4. Diversity: Do not solely rely on guest posting for your links. Also try to get editorial placements (HARO), link insertions, some brand links, PRs or even a few citations.

5. Anchors: You want to use natural anchors for your guest posts. Google is smart enough to identify the topical relevance based on the contextual framework. Exact match anchors should only be used 2-4% of the time, instead focus on brand, phrase, generic or raw anchors.

Our prices are calculate on a flat fee basis.

We only add a 25-30% margin on top of the prices we are quoted by the webmasters. This fee already includes the content and work done by us, leaving us with a small 5-10% profit per link.

Yes, all links will be dofollow and no sponsored tags are added. If a link is nofollow, you will find a note in the list.

Of course. Our list includes all target sites. We don't hide URLs, as there is no reason for that. This way you have full control over your link placements.

No, our guest posts are not from a PBN (Private Blog Network). We only provide genuine guest post opportunities on real, authoritative websites that we have personally reached out to. This is verifiable, real outreach that is hard to come by these days.

Sure. As you will have access to our list, you can pre-screen the sites and only select those that fit into your or your client's criteria - be that metrical or niche related.

The average turnaround time for guest post orders is 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of links ordered. Some webmaster take a few days to a few weeks to reply. In case we can't land your links within 4 weeks, we'll issue a refund.

Typically, we prefer to work with English sites. We can accept foreign sites, but anchors would have to be English, branded or raw URL.

Sure you can. But we have already done the groundwork. So we can handle all communication with publishers on your behalf. If you have any specific requirements, please let us know.

Sure, that's possible. We need at least 700-800 words of well-written, research content. If you supply you own content you can deduct $15.00 from the price.

Simply said, no. We believe in offering the same prices for everyone. We also calculated our prices with very thin margins, so offering a discount is not feasible for us. We do however offer free consulting for returning customers.


Yes, of course. We are located in Germany, so we will supply invoices for each and every order.

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, WISE, SEPA (EU only) or bank transfers (EU only).

We cannot accept crypto payments or Payoneer.

We charge VAT based on EU regulations.

For EU Clients

  • If you are from the EU and you have a valid VAT numbers, the reverse charge mechanism will apply (0% VAT)
  • If you don't have a valid VAT number and you are located in the EU, we will have to charge your countries respective VAT numbers based on OSS rules. For example, for German clients we have to charge 19% VAT.

For anyone from the US/ASIA/Canada/UK

No VAT is charged if your country is not part of the OSS system.


Yes, we do.

We can offer link insertions, HARO links and even auction domains. We also offer custom outreach campaigns.

Just get in touch with us to learn more. 

Sure, just join our discord and PM me (janist) for a quick consult.

The easiest is via email to or via our discord.

Sure, our links are calculated with thin margins for us, so you can easily re-sell them to your clients.

Our company is located in Germany. Our team is sprinkled all over the EU, though.

No, never. The world of SEO and link building is way too dynamic to be coupled with binding contracts. That's why we tend to stay away from them for something as simple as a link package. 

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