10 Clickbaity Outreach Email Subjects: Match Search Intent and Boost Engagement

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Getting your outreach and guest posting campaigns noticed in the sea of emails can be quite challenging. But by using clickbaity email subjects, you’ll grab your recipients’ attention, raise curiosity, and drastically improve your open rates. In this article, we’ll discuss ten of the best clickbaity outreach email subjects that will make your campaigns stand out and get the results you desire.

1. This email will change %%prospectName%%’s life!

Everyone is looking for that one email that could change their life. By personalizing your subject line and approaching your prospect with confidence, you’ll make them curious to read more about how your proposal can affect their life positively.

Example: *This email will change [Jenny’s] life!*

2. You don’t wanna miss out on this exclusive offer!

Exclusivity and urgency are two powerful elements that you should use in your outreach email subjects. Drawing attention to the opportunity as a limited-time-offer will create a strong impression and make people intrigued about what you’re offering.

Example: *You don’t wanna miss out on this exclusive SEO growth hack!*

3. The secret that your competitors don’t want you to know about

Playing on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a proven method to entice someone into opening your email. By referencing a secret that competitors are keeping, it will spark curiosity and make the recipient want to learn about a potential advantage they could capitalize on.

Example: *The SEO secret that your competitors don’t want you to know about*

4. Confessions of a link-building expert

Starting an email with a confessional tone can be a highly-effective tactic for reeling in your audience. It feels personal, interesting, and everyone loves hearing about an expert’s trials and tribulation.

Example: *Confessions of a link-building expert: the strategies that actually work*

5. One simple hack that will triple your traffic overnight

Who wouldn’t want to multiply their traffic with a single trick, and that too overnight? This type of dramatic subject line creates a sense of intrigue and desire to learn the secret behind the astonishing claim.

Example: *One simple SEO hack to triple your blog traffic overnight!*

6. Are you making these deadly outreach mistakes?

Playing on your recipient’s insecurities is another tactic for getting their attention. By pointing out potential mistakes they might be making, you draw on their desire for self-improvement and offer your expertise to help them fix the issues.

Example: *Are you making these deadly PR outreach mistakes?*

7. 5 industry myths debunked: Boost your %%keyword%% now!

Debunking common myths in your industry will show that you’re an authority on the topic while arousing curiosity about the misconceptions. People love learning what they’ve been misled about.

Example: *5 marketing myths debunked: Boost your conversion now!*

8. Can your %%competitor%% really do this?

By directly involving your recipient’s competitor in the subject line, you’ll create a sense of urgency for them to read your email to ensure they aren’t being left behind.

Example: *Can your closest SEO competitor really do this?*

9. Guest post opportunity: Are you up for the challenge?

Challenging your prospect through the subject line is a fun and engaging way to prompt them to open the email. It shows confidence and excitement, encouraging them to learn more about the opportunity you’re offering.

Example: *Guest post opportunity: Can you rank for these competitive keywords?*

10. Is this %%industry%% secret too good to be true?

Another curiosity-arousing technique is suggesting there’s a secret that could be too good to be true. Use this subject line to entice your recipient into learning more about the secret you’re eager to share.

Example: *Is this content marketing secret too good to be true?*

All of these clickbaity email subjects are designed to spark curiosity and entice your recipient to open the email. Remember that to achieve maximum impact, personalization is the key. Always try to make the overall context of your subject line suit the recipient’s niche, industry, or interests.


1. What is a clickbaity email subject?

A clickbaity email subject is a headline designed to grab the reader’s attention, spark curiosity, and increase the likelihood of them opening the email. It often uses powerful language, a sense of urgency, or personalization to make it more captivating.

2. Are clickbaity email subjects spammy?

Clickbaity email subjects can go wrong if they’re completely irrelevant to the email content or falsely promise something. However, if the subject line relates to the email content and genuinely sparks curiosity, it doesn’t have to be spammy.

3. How do I come up with clickbaity email subjects?

Think about what would make you click on an email. Use powerful language, urgency, personalization, or engaging questions to create a click-worthy subject line. Remember always to keep the subject line relevant to the email content and maintain the balance between curiosity and credibility.

4. Can I use clickbaity email subjects for outreach campaigns?

Yes, clickbaity email subjects work great for outreach campaigns, as they are designed to grab attention and increase open rates. Just make sure to follow up with valuable and relevant content in the email to maintain credibility.

5. How can I personalize my outreach email subject lines?

Personalization can be achieved by including the recipient’s name, their website, or using other references specific to their industry or niche. This shows that you’ve done your research and have crafted the outreach specifically for them.

6. What are some effective words to use in clickbaity email subjects?

Some effective words to use in clickbaity email subjects include: exclusive, secret, urgent, limited time, opportunity, breakthrough, success, and skyrocket.

7. How long should my email subject line be?

Ideally, email subject lines should be between 41 and 50 characters long. This ensures that the subject fits most mobile devices’ screens and maintains its impact without losing readability.

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